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Stewing Creative Juices for your small business


STEAM ENGINE (WELLNESS) Stewing those Creative Juices

Energy is very important to small business owners as often you fulfil multiple roles in your business. It is important to know how to stay energised and motivated so that you can keep those creative juices flowing to carry on growing your business.


  A small breakfast of cereal, egg and milk (the carbohydrates and protein in these foods are great for energy)

Reasonable amount of coffee for the day (do not overdo it, caffeine can give you that edge that you need but too much can just make you edgy)


Snacking on Fruit and a piece of Cheese in between meals (fruit contains natural sugars which your body can release slowly and the cheese contains protein – this will keep your energy levels constant)


A sandwich and glass of Milk if you have a wait till dinner (any other snack will keep you munching till dinner time and will not tide you over) 


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