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FREE FLOW Being Your Own Boss - Get your business cooking with this recipe for Success

While running a business may be challenging, there is a growing number of entrepreneurs and interest in entrepreneurship in South Africa. Running your own business may not be for everyone. Some prefer the regular pay cheques and security that comes from working for an employer but there are a group of brave, courageous, self-motivated individuals who own or plan to own small businesses. But even the best business idea needs a recipe for success.


Small Business in South Africa, according to , contributes towards nearly a third of the GDP and 70-80% of the country’s employment. So, small business in South Africa has a very important role to play.


Small businesses come about for a range of reasons. The two most common reasons being a great business idea that is fresh and proves to be profitable and most small business owners find it more rewarding to be their own boss.


Use this recipe for success to get your small business cooking:


Basic Ingredients:


1 Business Idea


1 Handful of Inspiration


1 General helping of Motivation


1 High Quality Phone line (landline or mobile)


1 Reliable computer (desktop, laptop or notebook)


1 Reliable Internet Connection (Wi Fi or ADSL)


1 Good Quality Printer (we recommend a 4-in-1 – fax, printer, copier, and scanner)

 HERE'S HOW YOU DO IT    Method:
  1. Take your business idea and whip it into a logo that best describes your vision which will be used to garnish your business idea and brand.
  2. Stir your logo and contact details together till it forms a great business card or flyer that you can give to new or potential clients so they can reach you.
  3. Mix all the information about who you are, what you stand for, what you do and other interesting details about your business together in a website so that more people can find you.
  4. Combine all of the electronic Ingredients together to work on your Business (Brand) Identity and to build your online presence.
  5. Garnish with Inspiration and Motivation so that the ingredients rise into Sales opportunities and more trust in your business.

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